Safety Protocols

All our drivers are regularly tested to rule out any infections they may carry and are sensiizedwith all COVID safety protocols. Drivers have been strictly advised to wear masks at all times, regularly sanitize and adhere to all safety norms. Drivers wear gloves whilst driving and also during the opening and closing of doors.

In case of any emergencies that may arise, drivers have also been made aware of the procedures to be followed.

Vehicle Sanitization is of paramount importance during these tough times and all vehicles are sanitized before the commencement of each trip which includes all the contact points. Sanitizers are made available in all our vehicles and all employees being transported are requested to wear masks at all times.

All vehicles should be completely sanitized with disinfectant – prior to start of each day’s trip.

All contact points inside and outside the vehicle – example door handles, window panes, steering, gear, control panels, seats – etc. should be sanitized prior and after each trip.

Hand sanitizer should be made available inside the vehicle at all times. Employees should be instructed to sanitize prior to boarding the vehicle.

No employee should be allowed to board vehicles without masks and should be requested to wear it throughout the trip.

Each cab will have sanitizer handy.